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Survival mode, BE GONE!

It served us well over the past couple of years, but we can't stay in survival mode much longer, sis.

Man... coming back from our annual conference, I am still in somewhat of a haze and this smile feels like it's going to be a fixture for quite some time!

Let me tell you a story: 5 years ago I was one face in a crowd of 20,000 people who were creating a movement through movement. ⁣ ⁣One face in a crowd sweating it out down on the streets of Indianapolis and looking up at the stage with such awe for the people on it… people of influence, people who had already impacted me as a baby Coach immensely, people who were walking success stories in my eyes. When I stepped onto that stage and I looked out at that crowd, the feeling of awe was even greater! How was I here?! How had this happened? Gosh, I missed this FEELING!

I think we've all missed being able to FEEL the day. You know, before survival mode became our default setting and 'just making it through the day' became a legitimate goal. Before all the BS of the past 3+ years, we had goals, we had dreams, we had ambitions, and we were moving toward them! What if we don't have to just 'hold on' anymore? What if we tentatively allowed ourselves to open our minds again? What if... and go with me here, sis... we actually started going for it again?! Many of us lost some momentum. Perhaps you had reached a weight-loss milestone that you were so excited about, or you had started seeing some real progress in your business growth. When the world imploded, it all went to shit and now you feel as if you are back where you started, with defeat and frustration a regular feature in your emotional cycle.

Let me ask you this... SO WHAT?! So what if you have to begin again?! The WONDERFUL thing about having done it before is that you have PROOF that you can do it again! So, I invite you to join me in a new vow... to live again. to raise your ambitions again. to feel the day again. This is what my clients and the #InspiredNation are committing to and, because of that, 2023 is going to end up being a truly EXTRAORDINARY year! I hope this served you, wherever it is you are in your journey of life, my friend. xoxo Sabs


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