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The real weight you're carrying...

It’s harder for us. ⁣

It just is!⁣

It’s harder because it’s not just the extra weight we’re carrying on our bodies that is causing life to feel so heavy and frustrating and impossible. ⁣

It’s the extra weight we’re carrying between our ears. ⁣

I wish someone had told that 21yr old Sabrina in the first picture that it wasn’t true. ⁣

That all the things they had said and shown me about my worth and my value were NOT true. ⁣

That all the things they said I couldn’t do or be were not true.⁣

That all the ways they were trying to diminish me were because of THEIR fear, pain and bullshit, not actually about me at all. ⁣

But all of that only gets to determine what we do NOW, older and wiser as we are, if we continue to let it. ⁣

Extraordinary healing is required of us, sis. ⁣

It’s required of you. ⁣

Because EVERYTHING you want and have been trying so hard to work towards, depends on it.

Finding the strength to lose the excess weight on my body was the catalyst to realising that ALL of my hopes and wishes were possible. It takes one spark to ignite the inferno.

I want nothing else for you than to find that spark in yourself. ⁣⁣

Love you. Mean it.

Sabs xxx

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