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Who would work THAT hard?!

We start something new⁣

• weight loss journey

• therapy⁣

• a business⁣

and we struggle and fail and struggle some more. It’s not quite going how we hoped it would and it’s just plain hard!⁣

We look around at all the people who have achieved the result we want and we say to ourselves, “there is NO WAY that it was this hard for them! This is so much harder for me than anyone else which must mean I can’t do it. Who would work this hard??”⁣

Baby girl, I hate to break it to you, but A LOT of people would work that hard. ⁣

And do!⁣

In fact, I dare to guess that anyone we look at with stars in our eyes about how much they are #crushingit have had to work hella hard on some aspect of their journey. ⁣

Breaking my cycle of emotional binge eating has been the hardest shit I have ever had to do.⁣

Working on my relationship with myself, to respect, appreciate and accept myself despite all the ways they disrespected, under-appreciated and dismissed me, has (and is) a tough going process (those scars run deep, yo).⁣

Having the audacity, resilience and tenacity to build my business regardless of whether anyone understands, supports or wants to be on the bus with me, is a personal growth journey AND A HALF 😅!!⁣

So here’s the thing… ⁣

So what if it’s hard AF?!⁣

So what if it seems as if the path of others is easier?⁣

So what if you doubt that you can even make it?⁣




After all, what’s really the alternative?⁣

Settling for less than we’re capable of is not the one, sis.⁣


xoxo Sabs


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