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You are the obstacle.

“Yeah, but….”⁣

When was the last time you heard the EXACT solution to a problem you’re experiencing and, instead of grabbing hold of it, you said, “yeah, but…”?⁣

A solution is staring you in the face. ⁣

And instead of taking it to ultimately make YOUR life better, you say, “yeah, but…”.⁣

Instead of taking the answer and using it to change what you’re unhappy with, you find yourself arguing FOR the very thing you DON’T want.⁣

No judgment. ⁣

Man… I’ve been there. ⁣

A lot. ⁣

So I get it. ⁣

It’s easier, right?⁣

It’s easier to argue for our limitations than it is to do the necessary work to dismantle said limitations. ⁣

It’s easier to stay stuck in our complaint than it is to do what is necessary to be rid of said complaint. ⁣

And that’s why we have so many defeated, frustrated, angry and bitter people in this world. ⁣

I had the incredible honour to share my heart with a network of humans who hope to be a source of inspiration in the lives of others. ⁣

And what I found coming out of my mouth was this:⁣

“We are the problem. ⁣

And we are also the solution.”⁣

Isn’t it time to stop being the obstacle in our own lives, sis?⁣

Isn’t it time to clear the path so that we can become the person we were created to be?⁣

It must start with us. ⁣

But what that means for the people in our lives, the people who are uniquely placed to be in our ecosystem, the opportunities that are meant for us, the lives we are meant to live…⁣

Well… let’s see, shall we?!⁣

Love you, Mean it.



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